Supercharge your site search with ChatGPT

A no-code solution for adding ChatGPT's conversational search to your website

  • No code required
  • Works with your website
  • Plug-and-play

Let's face it: on-site search is always bad.

Give your users the search experience they deserve with our no-code, plug and play search solution.

Now supporting ChatGPT Conversational Search!


No code required: plug-and-play with your favorite CMS

Plugins are available for WordPress and Drupal, or integrate with any site using a simple javascript embed.



Javascript Embed

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Take Control

Manually adjust search results on your site

Even the best search algorithm doesn't always lead users where you want them to go. Use our point-and-click interface to manually adjust search results.


Plug-and-play autocomplete for your search bar

Search-as-you-type feature gets users to their destination faster.