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WordPress’ out-of-the-box search leaves much to be desired, especially as your site grows. The search interface is lackluster, the results sometimes seem out of order, and it doesn’t do a great job of surfacing relevant content. ModernQuery plugs directly into WordPress whether you’re using Gutenberg, advanced custom fields, or any other theme or site builder.


Plug-and-play autocomplete for your search bar

Search-as-you-type feature gets users to their destination faster.

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Take Control

Manually adjust search results on your site

Even the best search algorithm doesn't always lead users where you want them to go. Use our point-and-click interface to manually adjust search results.

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Great User Experience

Fast, Relevant Search Results

Let your users find content faster and have a better search experience.

Using ChatGPT for your website search

Generative AI Website Search

Conversational Search

Let your users ask questions, get answers, and be directed deeper into your site. Read more about AI Search for your Website

Don’t bother with Solr

Solr and similar search platforms require you to configure your site with a proper schema XML file, indexing rules, and parsing rules. Not to mention you need to host or pay for a separate Solr server.

ModernQuery reads the content of your site, indexes it, sets up the best possible defaults, and creates an immediately better site search for your WordPress site.

Looking for the fastest way to enhance your WordPress on-site search?

Our no-code search solution will drop in to your existing website.

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  • Plug and play: no complex configuration
  • Search-as-you-type
  • ChatGPT integrated search
  • Manually adjust results ordering