Generative AI Search

Add Conversational, Generative AI Search to your Website Today

Generative AI is the technology that drives ChatGPT. With the onset of generative AI tools, the way people interact with technology is forever changed. Users already expect an improved search experience on your website that rivals Google, and soon they’ll expect to interact with your content as they do with ChatGPT.

Conversations, not Keywords

Instead of poking at keywords, generative AI search allows users to ask questions and get answers back in fully formed prose, as if they were being answered by a virtual assistant. We call this “Conversational Search”

Start Today with No Code Required

ModernQuery allows you to add generative AI search to your website today. It uses your own website content to answer questions and won’t look to the web at large. Only your content is used as its data source, so you don’t have to worry about it “hallucinating” answers to questions.

Add Generative AI Search to your Website Today

Our no-code search solution will drop in to your existing website.

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